Fill the screen with the graves of your enemies !
But beware ! They will explode and destroy everything when you let them get too close to you !

Kill enemies and don't let them explode near you or near existing graves because it will destroy them, reducing your score.

Move: WASD. (Press Shift-Alt to toggle between AZERTY and QWERTY keyboard layout).
Shoot: Left mouse button.
Dash in the direction of the mouse: Space

Toggle menu/Pause: Escape

Game made for the Ludum Dare 31 Jam challenge.

If you have made a game for this Ludum Dare, you play and rate here :

Made alone in a little more than 26 hours with :

  • CraftStudio, the cubic, cooperative game-making platform.
  • Daneel, a scripting framework for CraftStudio.
  • for some of the "art", the rest, including models and animations is made directly inside CraftStudio.
  • Sfxr for sound effect.

Get the sources on GitHub or open the game project directly inside CraftStudio if you have it installed.